CITY SHRED is a fitness and wellness community delivering EPIC events for Life Athletes that challenge you to push past limits and work as a team to become the best version of yourself.

Bringing you the best trainers, facilitators and coaches from around the world – get ready to work with the most dedicated team that will motivate you to work hard and reach your personal max – on and off the turf – while preparing you to become the ultimate life athlete.

CITY SHRED is accessible for all. It’s You vs You, fuelled by the non-stop energy of ONE COMMUNITY. The only expectation is to show up and give your own personal 100.


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CITY SHRED – Winter + Summer SHRED Events

Prepare for the ultimate mental and physical test fueled by energy, motivation, and community. Our signature SHRED events feature a 2-hour workout led by celebrity trainers, supported by local trainers and gyms, and are attended by fitness enthusiasts and industry influencers in each city we host. Think of your city’s fitness community on social – brought to life.

The epic group-training experience delivers an intensive sweat session broken into 5 segments that will have you leaving it all on the turf. And if you got more in the tank, level up by competing in the partner burpee challenge that kicks off each event with 10 minutes of unlimited burpees to win $2,000 in prizes.

This is not your average 5PM workout class – get ready for the ultimate sweat rewarded with hundreds of high-fives, refueling and sampling your favourite health and fitness brands on the sidelines, then taking home EPIC swag bags worth over $150 value.

BREATHE – Immersive Breath-work Events

Get ready to SHRED Limited Beliefs through a transformative breath-work session.

Experience a sense of awe and belonging while supporting your emotional wellness and natural ability to thrive through this one-of-a-kind immersive event. Through empowering movement, journaling, intention setting and BREATH – prepare for a deep practice that will help shift your state and enhance focus.

Inhale – Connect the body and mind.
Exhale – Connect with #OneCommunity.
Take Home Swag Bags filled with wellness essentials.

ICE BREAKER – Community Cold Plunge Events

Challenge your mental strength, demonstrate fortitude and step into a place of resilience through an EPIC cold plunge experience.

Facilitated by some of the world’s leading cold exposure guides, participate in a practice proven to reduce stress, boost health and strengthen your mindset. Each event kicks off with inspiring speakers, light movement and breathwork – all before taking the plunge, together, and celebrating with a beach social.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a veteran of cold therapy, the community cold plunge will have you feeling the benefits beyond the day and ready to conquer your fears, pain, and beyond – feeling stronger mentally and physically than ever before.


CITY SHRED regularly partners with leading health, wellness and fitness brands to create one-of-a-kind experiences for our community.

From intimate events to large-scale EPIC SHREDs – sweat, stretch, breathe, flow, learn, meditate and connect through our partnership series to become the ultimate life athlete, on and off the turf.

Stay tuned for featured events coming to a city near you in our ‘Upcoming Events’ section and by joining our email list. Never miss a SHRED and join our community today.



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